What is Integral

Integral is a platform and API tool that allows people to build public APIs in minutes instead of months.

We’ve built out the public API middleware needed to have your API spun up quickly, like:

  • Auth (API Keys or OAuth)
  • IP, API Key, Role, and Endpoint based Rate Limiting
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Error Handling + Customization
  • API Key Scopes
  • Versioning and Version Pinning
  • Idempotency Support
  • Sandbox Data
  • Logging

and much more.

Currently, we exist as a public API middleware (more commonly known as an API gateway). We started this journey because this was the root of a lot of developer pain in building an external API. Integral will eventually be an all in one suite of public API tools to make the process of building, maintaining, and improving your API experience for your engineers and your API consumers as good as Stripe’s.

Next up for Integral’s product:

  • Developer Dashboard: A drop-in JS plugin to allow your users to manage their keys, view events and logs, and debug errors without needing to implement any frontend yourself

  • Tailored Documentation: A user embedded documentation experience, where keys are already inserted and generated code to display any necessary use case

  • Standard API Definition: No one has redefined their API experience for their documentation, SDKs, OpenAPI spec, Postman Collection, etc. We will take your code and generate this definition for you to export and use anywhere inside or outside of Integral

Contact shrey@integralapi.co with any questions about Integral and how to get a public API set up, with no hassle or extra code written on your end!

Our API’s Base URL


Integral Nodejs SDK

We recommend using our Nodejs SDK for the best developer experience!

Our Python SDK will be coming soon!



An API key is a token that you provide when making API calls. Include the token in a header parameter called Authorization.

Authorization: 123

Additional Information